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Thanks for clarifying, ebi. I clearly didn’t see it as the joke it was meant to be. I suppose my reaction stems from seeing and hearing the abuse members of my immediate and extended family have taken from so-called friends because of their own physical limitations. Just a few weeks ago, I had to go see a teacher about something she said to my son in front of the entire class and apparently it had happened to other students as well. So I said enough was enough and she was in tears by the time I had my say in a meeting with her and the principal. I was ready to go to the provincial board of education demanding she be terminated had it not been for the principal ensuring strategies would be put in place so that it wouldn’t happen again. Everything has been good so far.

I don’t want to be treated with kid gloves or come off as a BWACeither, but I can see how it may be interpreted from the F**K YOU attitude the last statement in my previous post conveyed. I’d like to think I’m not that way at all except for reasons I mentioned above. So I apologize, too, for not seeing your comments for their intended meaning while cassie and emf did.

I see now that an on-camera monitor isn’t really a good solution for me. I can almost see it snapping off if I was to trip over a gopher hole or branch. I do like the idea of a tethered tablet that is easily stored in the bag or inside front pocket. I don’t have a tablet of any type yet, but I was thinking of getting one for purposes other than tethering. If it can tether as well, so much the better. It’ll give me something to think about and research. I’m not even aware of any tablet tethering options, but it seems that in this day and age “there’s an app for that” for everything! 🙂 In the meantime, zoom and scroll it is, at least while I’m out enjoying nature. Not today though, -33C (-27F) before wind chill!