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not a slight at all. Sorry Sharra! I was making a little joke. The monitor idea just over complicates the issue. I can tell you that over-complication is not a faux phenomenon either (i’m not calling you a faux). It’s a very common issue amongst pro’s as well. I worked with this photographer who was spending money hand over fist to try to fix his focus issues. When I suggested he check his vision he laughed. A week later he had a new set of prescription glasses dangling around his neck. Sometimes the issue isn’t the camera, it’s you! That was 10 years ago. These days i’m noticing that my eyesight is not what it used to be. I rely on autofocus quite a bit. It rarely fails me. But I also shoot tethered, mostly, and can check focus. If i’m on a tripod, I can use live view and zoom in to get pinpoint accuracy when not tethered.

Yesterday, on set, I was having focus issues that I thought were due to a shitty Foba camera stand. Turns out that my rear element on the lens was smudged causing everything to look soft. Cleaning the lens resolved the issue. Back in my teching days, I solved problems by addressing issues one by one. Camera won’t fire? Check Batteries, test. Check lens connection, test. change tether cable, test. Eventually you find the solution. But I don’t think that buying a LCD monitor is going to help you. Sorry to ruffle your feathers. I didn’t mean it like you thought I did. I was only trying to save you money!