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Sharra, I do agree with Cassie, I don’t think the eyesight comment was a slight. Visual arts like this put your eyes under a real strain and can be quite punishing on them. It’s a good idea to get regular checks. I know it’s a massive B when you’ve got a great shot and the eyes aren’t in focus or whatever, but all this constant checking everything has only really come about with digital photography. With film you had to just make sure you knew your onions and all would be revealed once you had your negs and contact print.

I don’t think it’s selfish to want to pursue your dreams, of course not, you’re more than just a wife and mum. But I just wanted to share something a teacher said to me years ago; which has always stayed with me. He said that the difference between an artist and other people, is that others have to go to far flung places to find or appreciate beauty, but a true artist will find beauty anywhere. For example, look at Wofgang Tilmans ‘Chaos Cup’, or Edward Weston’s pepper photos. Don’t get me wrong; yes, it would be amazing to travel, but my point is that it’s not an necessity to conduce inspiration.