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I don’t think that ebi really meant it to be completely rude but it could have been said better. But there are many people going around out there without glasses that really actually do need them, they just haven’t realized it yet. I was one of those people- I probably should have had glasses at least in high school but I was 19 by the time that I got my first exam and glasses. I thought I had decent vision before then, and it certainly wasn’t horrible (it’s only like -1.25 and -1.5 which is basically nothing), but it was enough that glasses did actually make a big difference for me.

For me personally, it wouldn’t be worth the extra money spent on the equipment when I could just zoom in and double check really quickly. I’m already a pretty clutzy person to begin with which would lead to me somehow breaking it + my camera since it would significantly increase the awkwardness factor for me, plus the extra weight would put some strain on me carpal tunnel problems wise.

I actually think a tethered tablet even in an outdoor situation wouldn’t be any more awkward than having another gadget connected onto your camera body. You probably already have a bag with a lens or two in it, possibly a reflector, etc moving around with you already and even if you didn’t they are pretty lightweight and small enough you could just slip it into a small shoulder bag or satchel type deal with your phone and some other stuff. I think the only way the on camera monitor would not be awkward for me is if it is only mounted to a tripod during use.