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Thank you Worst Case.

Your post speaks of a seasoned vet and how one handles a typically fast-paced shoot on the fly. What you have described is what I believe the new shooters need to learn to get consistently great shots when they are under the gun.

Thank you for replying Worst Case.

As an aside? I had a great friend and mentor who, unfortunately, no longer with us.

She would explain to me how she would pose a bride using (her words not mine) fat bride/skinny bride! She would sashay over, turn 45* degrees to one side, put her hands on her hips (because you always get the arms away from the side of the body), turn her head toward me, and throw her hips back while yelling: “Fat Bride”! Then the would toss her hips out toward the camera and yell: “Skinny Bride” and repeat the whole process until I picked myself up off the floor from laughing and pay attention to what she was really telling me!