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Hi nesgran,

I also know some folks who swear by assorted “gizmos”. The Joe Demb diffusion system for one. They get some very nice results too. It is really an on-flash bounce system. Fong-O-Spheres are another example. Some love them, some hate them, but I’ve seen good results from them.

Another thing I like, and I didn’t do it in this particular exercise, is using a flash bracket. Possibly in conjunction with an on-flash modifier. My main complaint about that its pretty unwieldy when you get that, a heavy camera body, and say, a heavy, fast zoom.

With this exercise the on-flash bounce card couldn’t be used because of the foam flag wrapped around the flash unit. But it’s a piece of cake to add a bit of catch in post. And in the event that there isn’t any catch light, I will most always add some. I consider that essential for most portrait angles.

I’d love to have 1/400 x-sync! As it stands I have to gang multiple speedlights and shoot high speed sync if I’m going to need that kind of capability.

And just to clarify for others who may read our comments nesgran, the flash needs to have full rotation and tilt capabilities for best all-around results.