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Thanks everyone for your nice words and helpful tips.

I’m glad that for the most part this forum provides constructive feedback and ways to improve your skill, not simply to shut down and ridicule. After all, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be better.

Thanks Cass for knowing where I’m coming from.

Cheers again all, I will hold off from doing any more paid shoots, which I’ve not really done in while anyway as I don’t pursue it regularly, until I can improve my skill. I’ll stick to being a hobbyist for now, and shoot for friends & family, or volunteer like I do for the Mud Run events and other fundraisers.

It makes me very happy to see you being so honest with yourself without getting defensive. It stings getting critique like this but look back at this in a years time, come back and show us how much better you’ve become. See it as a challenge!