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You’re getting there, but let me explain how I judge someones work when confronted with hundreds of images. I don’t have time to open and inspect every shot so I tend to browse the thumbnails and only open the the ones that say WOW!

The only ones of yours that I clicked on were the ones that didn’t look sharp as thumbnails so I clicked to check ( and they were’nt! ).

Theres a Fauxtog challenge on the front page at the moment, one of the questions is “Does your online gallery contain every shot you’ve ever taken?” This may not be the case with you, but it does look that way.

The event photography is not too bad, but it’s of little interest anyone whose not in the pictures so you just need to use the best 3 for display.

The  Alisa baby pics are more shots of the props than the baby . They all look to gloomy and the B/W conversion is bad.

The people booth pics are just snap shots.

The body painting shots are all a bit samey and most need more DOF

The wedding shots are pretty bad they all look to dark and there are a lot of focus issues.

If I’m being honest (which I always am) I’d say that if you started a business now, doing anything other than just event photography – you will be swelling the faux tog numbers.