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So far I agree with what everyone is saying. I should mention that I too have worked (and still temporarily work) in a well known mall studio. I have my own photography business, and the only reason I work in the mall studio is for the extra christmas spending cash….and because they practically begged me to come back and help out for the christmas rush. This is my last year there (which I did say last christmas..lol…but this year I am really done). If you hadn’t mentioned working in a mobile studio, I could have guessed it based on your Alisa album.  =)

I learned quite a bit about interacting with people through the studio. But it helped me absolutely ZERO when it comes to lighting…camera settings…etc. I learned that from taking a couple college courses on it, and then putting that to work in real life situations. This is what I recommend for you. Working in a mobile studio might be helpful for some things, but it can also make you think you are a great photographer. I know someone who was a manager for 2 different companies in a “mall/mobile” studio. She quit to open her own business, and it was a bust. Because she didn’t know lighting…her camera…etc. Not saying this is you, but based on your photos, you have a lot to learn.

You specifically asked about this photo:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/areallifegirl/11427614883/

It needs fill light. Their eyes are very dark. The groom looks very red. (I am not looking at this on a calibrated monitor, but you have to remember that many clients aren’t going to be using calibrated monitors either).  I understand that there were crowds or public, but it looks odd having part of the groom cut off by cropping.  Maybe that could have been avoided by having them stand on the other side of the frame.