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Thanks guys, some great advice here. Thankyou for taking the time to take everything in rather than glossing over it.
I think you’re spot-on IHF re: not using FB as a gallery, but as a first stop directing to their galleries elsewhere.

The booth at the green-curtain house was actually a friend’s bday party so I didn’t charge them: it was literally a fun testing ground with a house full of performers so I knew it’d be a fun activity for them. But it was well received so I thought it was something I could develop, especially since the other side of my ‘business’ is networking entertainment/music/DJs for events etc, so it fits well when we’re at family fun days etc. I’m looking at purchasing software that will allow for the booth side of things to be automatic (press a button on the screen and it counts down, takes the photo, then displays it etc). What do you think?

Thanks CC for the advice re: posing changes that work better, and technical pointers too.

Having too-soft images has been frustrating me for some time. Sometimes I feel like I got better pics from my old Canon Powershot A20 than my EOS 60D, which shouldn’t be the case, so I know I’m doing something that’s off. Like the photog’s version of PEBCAK. 😛