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I’m not getting it.  So many OOF images.  Your photo booth is… well… sloppy.  I see everything going on in the background.  I shouldn’t be able to see anything but the people in the photo and your background curtain.  Not the rod, and complete environment it is set up in, and the lighting stinks.  Looks very haphazard and uncared about on your end.  Almost as though a photog came and set up and you came over and shot the set up and tried getting your own shots using their set up as a passerby.  Not that Photo Booth pictures are meant to be fabulous, but, they should look at the very least, focused, properly exposed, and somewhat tidy and clean.  ya know, like they were taken in a Photo Booth.

I know you say that Facebook is a way for people to access their photos, but using Facebook as a delivery method, just isn’t a good thing.  Use it to draw in potential work, by showing highlights and samples, and to link to your work and/or online galleries, but all the shots from entire events/sessions… no, not a good idea.  At first look it just looks like a personal page full of snaps, not a photography business page.  Then when I look closer… it still doesn’t feel right.

There doesn’t seem to be a good handle on your equipment, or a good understanding of light going on at all.  Even when you are in complete control over the lighting, posing and in studio, it’s not working.

I feel you have a lot more work ahead of you before you take on being for hire