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“in no way do I consider myself a pro”. Yet, you have a “business”. Take clients and even “teach” others?

While I agree with you that your photos are hardly pro quality, you ARE a pro! Or at least pretending to be. You are charging for professional services, and you are marketing your professional services.  You are presenting/representing yourself as a pro.  You may not be licensed, pay taxes, have insurance, contracts etc like a true legit pro does, and you don’t have the over head like they do, but you are in business just the same.  You just chose to do it illegally, and unlike a “real” pro, and JUST like a faux, you don’t care if you make a profit or go about it legitimately or not.

Your prices are ridiculously low.  You aren’t even charging what it costs YOU  to be in “business”.  The way you are practicing, is exactly why websites like this were started in the first place.

Even hobiests (of any kind, not just photography) that wish to have a little hobby income,  charge what their product is worth.  They take in to consideration, their time, their talent, their cost of creating the product, and delivering the product, and sell it at its true value.  You and your photography are woth more than pennies an hour, and certainly other professional photographers are, but by practicing the way you do, you bring not only the value of your work down, but the value of other photographers as well.