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I think you totally missed my point in everything I last said… I did not discredit those who have a degree in photography   I was saying its not a super common thing. Graphic design etc seems to be a more common degree for those that have a related college degree in it.

I didn’t post my friend to poke fun. I posted it to show the one I mentioned a few posts ago about the bashing my post about special needs kids. Her posing is what it is because she carries magazines of pose ideas with her or tags along with ine of the folks in her little photo club and shoots exactky what they setup  i have my style and how i like to shoot, its  lt the sane as yours or his or hers etc  but its mine  im not being stubborn im just saying olan mills portrait studio work isnt what i want to do  And I don’t shoot to get the job done good or bad, but most people that aren’t paying top dollar and getting a free shoot basically usually don’t want to work with you on posing right, getting in a good balanced light area etc not from my experience. If I charge right now it’s seriously to cover gas, the DVD I give them their pics on and if they want me to print any out the cost of photo paper and ink.


In my little mini rant about you guys really only being negative was partly because just when I think I’m getting my techniques etc better, I ask for opinions from my husband or whoever and all anyone does is point out the flaws. I think sometimes people might want to at least know what they’re doing RIGHT. Because no one told me that much. I pushed my camera to the back of the closet for close to a year and only pulled it back out recently to try to start doing what I enjoy doing again. My confidence sucks I know my weaknesses believe it or not, and what I’m trying to learn is how to fix them. But I’d love to hear my strengths if I even posess any. I think I’ll put the camera back in my closet maybe later I’ll try again. Thanks anyway