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Archy primarily Amanda and Ricky’s wedding and maybe the trading post thrift store or nature album.

I know I need to work on light. That’s the biggest challenge. I didn’t have my 7D until recently and shot with a t3i and 60D. T2i was my backup. I’m still learning the 7D. To be honest doing free sessions while I practice makes me worry more that in the future if someone wants Photo’s that I did a freebie for will expect that again. I prefer not to shoot people really, if I do I’d rather capture their natural expressions and personality not a formal pose. It’s just my style. Ringling was def a challenge. Shooting through glass in a dim area with a tour guide rushing us a long and my inlaws getting annoyed that I had to bring my camera along. I do want to get a good lens beyond my 50, what do you recommend that’s going to give a good balance of bokeh and clarity that is fast and basically has a good range that’s going to compare to the 24-70 but a bit more affordable? I can’t seem to get the quality I want from the 55-250 or 18-135. The 50 is awesome. But it’s limited since its fixed. And how do you use reflectors and such when you have no one to hold them?