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Amanda and Ricky’s wedding:

Beautiful location, and a lovely bride

Nice snaps that look as though a guest took them.  When you had a chance to set up shots and not just document the event, you didn’t pay enough attention to the light, very splotchy light and shadows.  Strange editing as well, just kinda all over the place.  No consistency.


Circus museum:

Very cool location, and interesting subject matter.

Your focus is off most of the shots.  I realize you were shooting through glass, but… Have you learned how to select your focus points?  If not, you need to, it’s fundamental.  Rule of thirds wasn’t followed or broken properly in any of your shots.  Editing is odd.  Again, with the outdoor shots, no attention to light was paid. And the pov is boring and mundane, like no effort at all was made.  “hey! Cool tree! Snap!”   They look like snaps that anyone with a camera taking a tour of the place would take.  I’m sorry…..


I think you just really need to slow down and think before snapping.  It almost looks as though you are just in auto spraying away, and then picking the best 100 out of the thousand photos you took.  When it should be the best 10 or even 5 out of 20.  This is the way most people shoot, not photographers.  learn to use your feet, to get your comp framed properly, don’t shoot always at eye level, get down, get up, move in, move out etc work it, and make it right, and then snap.