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Take another look at your “about” bio on your fb business page.  You are asking people to hire your services, it’s not like I pulled the information out of thin air, you gave it to us.  It’s called marketing when you are selling your services to people. You asked “Am I a fauxtog?”, and based on the information you gave us, and your work, the honest answer is yes.  I’m sorry I didn’t take the time to critique any of your images individually, and if you would still like me to I will.

This in no way is a personal dig.  I’m sure you are a wonderful person.  I hate fauxtography, not the people that create it.  I think your idea of shooting families of special needs children is an admiral one, and much needed.  Autism has a very special place in my heart, and I know how difficult it is for these children, and their families to get family photographs taken.  PLEASE, if this is what you are interested in doing, pursue it.  Take the time to learn light manipulation, off camera flash, and/or correct natural light photography practices first.  These families deserve it, and so do you.  Invest in yourself and your photography if it’s what is important to you to pursue.  It doesn’t have to be the way it is now, with people badgering you to shoot what you don’t want to?  Getting taken advantage of, and yet feeling funny for charging when you know and feel you shouldnt.  Saying “no” and taking charge of what, where, when you shoot can be both empowering and inspiring, and you’ll be amazed with how your photography improves when you really do turn off the business switch, and truly shoot for yourself.