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Just a few things-

– I have a federal tax id yadda yadda… I still do a 1099 IF I do any sessions.

– logo across the center was requested by the owner of the Venue because she wanted me to get proper credit when others look at the shots

– I dont focus on business. Thus why I don’t advertise. I once did which was when I kept my site up… Then life happened. I have 5 1 that’s autistic and 1 that’s got a few other special needs. This consumed my life from 2008 on. I did things here and there but time isn’t something I have much of. In 2010 I myself was diagnosed with cancer, 7 surgeries in 9 months, chemo meds etc… Amanda and Ricky’s wedding was shot 2 weeks post op from surgery 5 and Erin and John who didn’twant formal pics just a recollection of the ceremony and a few vintage like ones for their walls. That was 2 days after a chemo treatment and a week before my final surgery.

– I don’t charge more for a few reasons, 1 being I haven’t had family pics done in 7 years because no one has the patience to work with my autistic son. 2. I do families with special needs kids free and always will. That was actually the only stuff I was planning to do at this point but was asked to do the other stuff. 3. I couldn’t afford a dedicated photographer for my wedding therefore I have nothing to remember my day. I don’t want others to have that issue. I tell them if they want fancy formal pics I can refer them to some local pros that do that. It’s not my style.

– as I said I’m self taught, I learn something new Everytime I take pictures.

– not $30k no but about $10k or so in gear.

– I am my own  worst critic I’m afraid to charge more to be honest and if I do charge it’s usually to cover gas to places that or 100 plus miles round trip. Yall validated my rationale within myself that my work isn’t worth paying for. Since all you’ve focused on is the shots I myself am not happy with but some of my favorite images I guess weren’t worth mentioning here.


I asked, thanks for the criticism. I wasn’t planning on trying to do this on a more regular basis due to life  but since I do take a lot of tips fromdigital photography school online and saw your site figured I’d ask.