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“Stop it with the watermarks. No one is going to steal engagement photos of a cop and his fiancee.”

Don, I think she uses the watermark more for marketing.  She’s been in “business” since April I believe.  She ran specials in Aug and July one for $50 and the other for $75 and shot her first wedding in April, or prior to that as it was posted in April.

I don’t know…. I don’t think I have anything else to add here as far as critique goes, just hate that the poster kind of lead off on the wrong foot, and lead us to believe she was just practicing on friends and family… and/or she’s leading the public to believe differently on her website and social media and tells them she’s a professional, and asks them to pay her for her expertise.  Either way she’s kind of dishonest

Look there is absolutely nothing wrong with being in business… but why tell us otherwise?  Is it because you knew we would say “Bottom line, if you’re doing this for free, it’s not bad. But if you’re charging people for this, you’re  a faux tog.” because you already know you haven’t put much time or effort into thing before you opened up shop?

Here are some articles/links you might find helpful





If you are going to be in business… price for profit and be legit and legal.  If it’s just you kind of pretending for fun… then carry on and join the very large club that helped get this website started.