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My vote is “legit”

I searched for many images from his 500px page and found a bunch … also under his name on a different site:  http://modeldesire.com/albums/view/3222

Rothstein’s photo is on Flickr with a note that it is in the public domain.  And, Ferrer did a Photoshop job on it.  He doesn’t say where he got the photo but the cars are older than he is, and he states he edited an old photo.

The Coke bottle you show as “Original”, is the stolen, edited version.  “His version” is the original.  The link to “Original” is http://eirao.com/print_illustration/print_illustration.html, where you will see a yellow flower, which if you search, will appear on a lot of pages, in a lot of sizes.

Unless she were present and the girls were paying a lot for the photos, my wife would be upset with me if I took photos of women dressed like that.  Otherwise I don’t see any problem with taking both portraits and product shots.  He has a few theatre photos and a couple of landscapes as well.  He has used several different cameras, but so have I.    What red flags am I missing?  I like the photos I have seen.