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I don’t know if it is the result of editing, or if Facebook did something.  There seems to be artifacts around her nose and on her hand.

I find using the burn tool to reduce blown out areas tends to make them grey which looks dirty.  To your credit, the toning down of the bright ball looks pretty good.

Her left eye still looks odd to me.

I like it better than the original.  I tried rotating the original image, as Ebi suggested.  I get “Listening for the oncoming train”, except there are no tracks.  So, an over active imagination!


The second I saw https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=570545506332429&set=a.236447879742195.64297.229987970388186&type=1&theater, I thought “Oh, a mustachio like those Spanish guys with the thin swords!”  Sorry!  Not the reaction a bride would be looking for.  In addition to the tilt Ebi objected to, she looks overly smoothed.

The second one, in the car, also looks overly smoothed, and tilted.  There are times when tilt works really well, and other times it doesn’t.  In this instance, it  seems to emphasize her being squished into a box, whether that box is the car, or the frame.