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I don’t like watermarks.  If you entered a contest, I would take your photo off the list in the first round because of it.  I get that this is Facebook so will give you a pass, yet will still say it would serve if it were at 40 or 50% opacity and would draw less negative attention.

Draw an X, corner to corner, where are their heads?  Bulls-eyed!

There is a dark, out-of-focus blob on either side of them.  Part of the plants in the field, but distracting none the less.

Her hair obscures the near side of her face.  Her head obscures the right side of his face.  His ear is the brightest part of the photo.

They are the subject in what might charitably be called an environmental photo, though it appears they are in an under lit field of goldenrod with some silhouetted trees way in the background.  There is shadow on her top and her hand, probably due to the flash being too low and having plants between flash and subject.

There is a little brightness in the sky at right.  I don’t know what’s over there, but it may have worked better if the photo were rearranged so they were on the other side of the large tree with light directly behind them.

This list is not exhaustive.  I’m being called, so I’m stopping here…