Home Forums Am I a Fauxtog? Not long ago i was up on this website getting bashed SUCK IT!! =) Reply To: Not long ago i was up on this website getting bashed SUCK IT!! =)


“Not long ago I was on this page getting bashed Suck it! I think I’m a pretty good photographer. Good day!”


“Not long ago my Facebook page was linked here by someone saying I was a fauxtographer and you all had my back”

Thank you,
It came at a time when people in my life were putting me down, bashing me, and my eyesight started to become questionable. You all gave me the courage and confidence to tell all my nay sayers to “suck it”, even though I know I have a lot to learn, and lots of work ahead of me, it’s quite nice to know that some of my peers think I’m starting on the right track.

May I ask you all for your time again please to critique my latest work, and offer me more ways to continue to improve? I just started learning OCF. I’m very excited, but I feel I may need a little help with it. Any other insights and suggestions are more than welcome.

Got it! Thanks for clearing that up for us Amber. You’re welcome, and anytime. There’s nothing photographers want more than to be able to help other photographers and have a small hand in improving photography and a hand in keeping the profession respected and full of quality professional service and products. It’s been a pleasure waisting YOUR time viewing, and discussing YOUR photography with you.