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again this has nothing to do with rachel other then the fact thats how i was introduced to this page and thats where the bashing began and why I decided to come back to yall and show you im still improving baby steps. . I wasnt telling anyone on this page to suck it and im sorry that you all took it that way because yes i guess it does look that way but not at all what i meant by any means because I appreciate everything everyone said about my work!! Its about life and people bringing me down and it was a way to say screw you for telling me i wont go anywhere in life. Mainly about my father telling me I cant make it. as far as the glasses comment my eye sight is actually bad and really think i do need glasses so i wasnt even saying that as being a smart ass. I treat my customers with great respect and would never talk to them in any unprofessional way. I was just venting and I guess this isnt the place to do so. I wont even address any of the other comments. Thanks for your time!  Please drop the title of this form. That wasnt the point of the post even though it was just a feeling its been the main topic. GEEEEZEE i feel like i just lost so much time explaining myself to strangers yet again Happy shooting.