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I looked back at the original thread where all this was started (https://www.youarenotaphotographer.com/forums/topic/have-fun/), and you and her supposedly squashed this whole thing. She supposedly apologized and you accepted it, so I really don’t understand why you have to come here and tell US to “Suck it”, when you already dealt with her. Just move on.

You said you wanted help and critiques, and people here were giving very fair critiques. Even ebi was giving spot-on critiques behind the brashness. But when you responded with ” you think this work is just ok???? lol maybe i need glasses”, it seems like you were implying that we ALL needed glasses because we weren’t ooohing or aaahhhing over your work. That may not be your intent, but it’s not what you say, but HOW you say it.

I’m starting to think that maybe Rachel (the girl who first bashed you) was justified in what she said about you, especially how you bash your clients (even though I didn’t see it on your Facebook). Why would a person you supposedly didn’t know start bashing you all of a sudden and make such claims? Maybe you really know her in person if you guys can text each other. I agree with with ebi. God forbid what you will say if your client doesn’t like the photos you took.

I was curious to see if Rachel progressed since the start of this whole thing (https://www.facebook.com/RachelGPhotographyNC), and she actually improved to your level. She took all the bashing to heart and actually improved. Hopefully you will do the same. But you guys are still “okay”.