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I’m not going to go back to search through the post of where your work was introduced. I don’t feel like wasting my time b/c it appears that you aren’t really listening to what anyone is saying in THIS thread. But I’d venture to guess that no one said the words that you think they said. It honestly sounds like something I would say, but i don’t recall seeing your site and I’m still relatively new to this community so I’m certain I didn’t see it.

That being said, I don’t think you will go anywhere. Your work has gotten marginally better than it was. But it’s your attitude that will hold you back above all else. You really shouldn’t tell ANYONE to suck it, regardless of who they are and what they’ve said. It’s just not very professional. It makes me wonder what you’d say if a client didn’t like a photo you took. Your lack of being able to comprehend what anyone on this thread has said also says you probably don’t listen to your clients either.

You’ll probably forever be a small town part time faux, trying to make ends meet. But, please, feel free to prove me wrong.