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Amber, I really don’t mean this in a mean way; but the way you phrased the title of this thread got people’s backs up. As a photographer, or any business owner for that matter, it’s important that you communicate effectively  – both verbally and in writing. For example, the way you express yourself on your website and in correspondence to clients will reflect your level of professionalism. Maybe it would be beneficial to enroll in a brief English course – or at least be more mindful of how you are writing things and how your words will be interpreted.

Don’t think this applies just to you – I’m looking to set up too – as well as improving my photography skills I also need to improve my business skills too. There are many skill sets involved in running your own business besides being competent with a camera.

It can’t be nice you were directed to this site – but as others keep saying, you were only defended, and as you’ve noticed, people on this site don’t hold back and call a spade a spade.  So, if I were you I would take that as a positive sign that you are doing ok – no need to feel bad or that you need to defend yourself here.