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ok ill attempt once more to explain myself with this post. THIS WAS NOT DIRECTED TOWARDS ANYONE ON THIS SITE. I was just saying I was on this site earlier getting bashed and to anyone  that think my work sucks or photography isnt worth my time then suck it (if that doesnt apply to you then it isnt for ya) . It was only directed to people that have told me I wouldnt make nothing of myself. It actually wasnt even directed towards the photographer that posted me on this site. I was just saying I was on this page being put down and anyone that wants to put me down as a person or photographer they can kick rocks =) As soon as i stand up for myself im always the one that seems like im the horrible person or Being “the skinny girl calling herself fat” haha Im tired of explaining myself when really i just was wanting everyone know Im still around even after all the hardship ive been though. All the statistics saying I wouldnt be anything. Thanks for the Love support and encouragement. Im done………………….reply if you may. I really wish i wasnt directed onto this site because now i feel a need to stick up for myself on this site now. and now that i did this is what happens. And i am in no way embarrassed at all. I dont let what I say or others say embarrass me. =) You may judge me and my work all you want but you dont know me. byeeeee!!! oh and instead of this post being about my work and getting help with my work im getting more talk about the stupid title. This was a waste of time