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“i honestly wasnt trying to come off as arrogant or so confident in my work. I was just saying All the people saying I couldn’t go anywhere I am learning and improving everyday and not giving up”

Amber, that’s all fine and good, but NO ONE ever said anything even remotely close to “you will never go anywhere”. No one even called you a faux. No one said anything to you or about your work that could be taken as bashing or “you should give up and put the camera away”. Nothing untrue or derogatory, or over critical was ever said to you about your work. We all said very positive things to you, and the OP about your work, and tried to not only explain to the OP that she was wrong, and why, but also encourage you.
Voices in your head? A fantastic imagination that borders on paranoia? I don’t know for sure what your problem is, but… It’s not us

Seriously, a hard core fauxtographer made up some stuff about you treating your clients badly/rudely and said you over edit, and implied that you were a hack. She was more than put straight by everyone here. PLEASE don’t take what she said as our words, and don’t let what she said get to you. She was wrong. Not to the point of “holy cow! Amber’s work is freakin amazing! I could only hope to be that good someday!!”, and maybe this is what bothers you so much. Photographers, will never say that unless they absolutely mean it. We don’t hand out praise or admiration lightly, and those that DO get this sort of praise have earned it wholeheartedly. The rest of us “ok” photographers have to settle for things like “eh, I have no problem with you charging. Your work seems consistent enough”. Or “I like the shot quite a lot, but…” Or “not a huge fan of your work, but I see real potential” or “I like what you are trying to go for here, but…” Or “hey! Nice shot, but the composition or lighting, or POV is a little off”. Sorry but that’s just the way it is. So you are an “ok” photographer just like the rest of us, and you have very little experience just like quite a few of us here. Get over it! We all suck. We all want to be better, and are constantly working at it.
You’re no better or no different than any of us! So YOU suck it!

So This post didn’t go well, and you embarrassed yourself a little. Yes, you are a beginner, you are learning, and doing well with it. You are not a hack. (Although your behavior is pretty classic faux) We get it. We see it. You are not telling us anything that we don’t already know and have already said ourselves over and over. Just move on and get over it.