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Everyone was defending your work awhile back when that nutcase was bashing you. But I looked at your work and I wouldn’t call it great as a whole yet. Some images, yes, were pretty great, but some had issues with exposure, halo-ing, shadows.

This one that you posted: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=561437820576531&set=a.561427137244266.1073741871.229987970388186&type=3&theater

Personally I do not like the shadows on her face, and the harshness of the light source. I’ve seen this technique work really well before, but it’s not really an easy technique. I think the angle of your lighting should have been different to produce a more dramatic and “awesome” effect. Not saying it’s horrible, but your attitude like “oh you don’t think this is great? Do I need glasses?” rubs me the wrong way.

I agree with the others, there is a strange edge sharpening applied. Photos don’t always look very good on Facebook but I don’t think that’s it. They are over-softened (some appear like you used the Portraiture software that is commonly used for models and boudoir) and it’s too much.

You have the knowledge to be really good, but I think you still need to give yourself time. Owning a camera for only a year usually doesn’t allow you to really know everything.