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Iliketag, entertaining though 😉

If I didn’t know better I would think she was joking around in a satirical type of way.

Alarnold, I agree with everything you’ve said here.

I think maybe it might have been me that turned her off somehow. I did get a little personal in my response to her in the other thread. It’s just she/her situation reminded me so much of my friend who had great successes by taking a break from her business and getting back to her photography. (Due to feeling overwhelmed and taken advantage of) It was only advice, not gospel. I know it helped my friend so very much, and she’s now full time and supports her family with her photography.
I think by having someone with malicious intent link her business here she read everything and anything that was said in the most negative light possible. My offer of understanding and help/advice was read as “you have no business being in business! You suck!”, instead of my true intent of trying to help her find her confidence. Legitimate confidence not, “I’m good, so suck it!”.

I’m sorry if I put you off Bolejack. Not my intention at all, but I cannot apologize for my honesty. I’m not one to blow hot air, or beat around the bush.