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I was part of the first 5 comments, and yes, I said keep shooting and progressing, but I’m sorry, the messages you are conveying  in this entire thread has some cockiness to it. I think that’s why people are not responding well to what you’re saying, despite that in the past, we were defending your work when a bonafied fauxtographer tried to bash you. I see this post as you’re biting the hand that feeds you when you included “Suck it” in the title, when it was supposedly only geared towards one person.

I’m kind of on the same boat as you. I have only been doing this for about a year, not counting the previous years as a hobbyist,  (my portfolio – http://www.photosbyanjanette.com/) , so I understand the excitement from the feedback you’ve been getting from other people about your photography. I’ve had friends and family rave about my work, and even have blown away a few seasoned photographers in my area when I tell them that I’ve been only doing this for a year. One photographer even told me I should be quitting my day job and focus on my photography.  It’s been exciting for me and I’ve been on this high for the past year.

However, this website has brought me down to earth through these forums. I have shown my absolute favorite shots that has gotten me all excited, only to receive lukewarm responses on here, with some very helpful constructive criticism.  Those criticisms has helped me see my shots in a different light, and I strive to improve.

While your photos do not deserve to be on the home page (which it hasn’t), I agree with everyone here. I’m not really blown away by your work. There is not one image on your Facebook that makes me want to stay and keep browsing. The example that you showed us when you were surprised that everyone said it was just “okay” was only alright with me. To me, it’s just adequate.

I also agree with iliketag that you’re just fishing for compliments. Whenever I come here to show my work, I brace myself for any feedback, bad or good.