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I agree with IHF, from what I saw, you were defended on this site – rather than getting bashed. You are telling us all to suck it lol – if that wasn’t what you meant then the original title of this thread is wrong.

I don’t think I need glasses, the image is ok but tbh, it’s not a wow image, and flicking through that of many wouldn’t make me stop.

Others here are far more qualified to nit pick the tech stuff, to me it looks alright, though I agree with iliketag’s  evaluation. The first thing I noticed about it though was that the composition doesn’t quite work.  I’m all for negative space but I think here misses the mark. That’s the biggest B I find about this art form, you have to nail EVERYTHING. I.e. you have to get the comp, moment, expression (in portraiture), Light, POV, Focal length all on top of the technical stuff, to get anything that comes close to good. With this image, a few things are good but other aspects miss. What seems like a straightforward art form is actually really difficult to get right. You’re doing ok but after 2 years no one has nailed it.

You seem like you are keen to nail the technical stuff, which is great. But one of the best things you can do to improve your work is to learn to listen to critique and see your work objectively – a great aid to doing this is seeking the opinion of others – with whom you have no emotional attachment.