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I would say, given the context of your tone in this entire thread, that yes; it is just OK.

The image is oversharpened, giving it jagged edges when most brides prefer a slightly softer, feminine look. Not out of focus soft, but not jagged either.
There are no catchlights in her eyes, which draws my attention away and into the brightest part of the image, her right breast (left side of image). She is also looking too far right (again, left side of image). Though there is some white on the other side of her eyes, again, it does not draw me in and I am distracted by the blown highlights in her dress and arm.
The shadows on the left side of her face (right side of image) are very dark, which means the light wasn’t spread well and it’s a hard light.
The tree branches on the left side of the image should be cloned out. Having the random shadow where I expect seamless sky is distracting to the overall image.

The reason I am not jumping up and down congratulating you is because you came in here without conveying context to the newer forum lurkers/contributors. You were defended very heavily when you were, as IHF so aptly put it, thrown to the lions. Copping an attitude will not win you any favor here and by declaring “SUCK IT” with no background/context,  puts a lot of doubt in my mind that you will outgrow the naivete most new photographers suffer from early on in their businesses.

I agree with Ebi.