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ah, I see so…

You’re profitable because you keep your cost of doing business down by not having contracts, insurance, not paying taxes, spending minimal on advertising, not printing/finishing, etc? Not really going all in, so to speak?  and since you don’t plan on making a living from this anytime in the future you can afford to compete on price.  I get it.

What I don’t get, given what you just told us, is why you are here getting a critique.

You already are booking 12 to 15 weddings a year, making quick change to get you through school.  You already are achieving your wanted goals, and don’t plan on growing a business.  Maybe just for your own personal interest in photography?  If that’s the case then why didn’t we get lead to your personal photography projects?


I’m not completely convinced that you don’t have much invested in this.  I just think YOU don’t think you do.  I bet if you were to actually figure out your numbers, and honestly take note of ALL your expenses, you’d see that this isn’t working as well as you thought.  Example: They get free coffee table book?  Why?  They already are hiring you at a very low discounted rate.  Have you figured out how much that costs you to put together for them?  Are you sure you aren’t better off working at McDonalds to help you through school?  Seriously sit with an open mind and read the links I gave you with your head, not your heart.



As far as the hazy look.  I don’t think following a possibly short lived fad or trend really matters in your case, because your endeavor is also short lived.

I think a lot of photographers have success in following fads and trends and successfully evolve out of them and into the next and can do really really well with it.  I think the OP could accomplish this as well if that were his intentions.  Nothing about his photography tells me otherwise, but I did only have a quick look.  Yes, nothing stands the test of time better than a good clean well taken photo, but you have to remember it’s a business and fads sell.