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Thanks for the input. I’m not sure if the hazy, crossed process and heavily edited will stand the test of time either but my clients so far like it and request it.

My pricing is low but since all of my advertising is done on ¬†Craigslist, it isn’t too low compared to many of the other posters on there. Even with such low pricing I am only doing like may 12-15 weddings a year. My goal is to just pay for my tuition each semester and completely shut this down when I finish up graduate school.

Basically, my $800 wedding package just includes 6 hours of coverage, all edited images (usually client receives 400-600), and downloadable images with rights to print. As for albums, I usually give clients a free table coffee book with 50 pages.

The $50 mini and $200 engagement session I have yet to actually book someone solely for those, I usually include a free engagement session when a client opts for a 2nd photographer add-on.

With all that being said, I do agree that consolidating my portfolio should be the next step in making it more consistent. Might not go the printing route with me being a penny pincher but I’ll have someone go through it with me online.

Again, thanks for the comments! Much appreciated