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There’s always nitpicks but you need a critique and you should get someone to sit down with you with the pictures printed in a reasonably large size. They look clean and modern on the whole though I wonder how the hazy look will stand the test of time. The one thing with the photos themselves is that the low contrast look isn’t consistent between the images. You should probably look at your shots again, scroll through them and have a relook at the ones that stand out either side of the spectrum. Look at this shoot for example, http://www.bunsphotography.com/lisa-grant . Look at the shot where he is piggybacking her, it has a completely different look and stands out quite a lot. The bokeh in some of your shots is pretty jittery as well though that is likely down to your lens. If there is a possibility to change that lens it would make things look a little nicer. I would also aim to have a little less space above their heads as in that same shot you have plenty of room above but you’ve chopped his foot off. Ditch the black and white is it is only one off shot and it doesn’t add anything to the portfolio.

Oh, and you need to charge more. Your normal $200 session doesn’t mention if those photos are printed as well and your $50 session is undercutting yourself. $800 for a wedding is cheap but I wonder what you get in that package. What does a “typical” wedding cost? I.e. 8 hours of shooting, one tog, an album for couple and 200 5×7 for family. If it is much more than $800 I would adjust that up on the website as calling a tog which seems to be cheap but produces good work actually charge much more than they suggest then it might be off putting. Four back to back $200 sessions would be what I suggested above, minus the album