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Thanks Cameraclicker

IHF I can understand your position with prints and I like prints just as much. There is something very gratifying in actually holding your picture and you get a sense of accomplishment and completion when your holding that finished product.

Technically I offer prints.. I don’t really mention it to my clients but the online gallery I use allows clients to purchase prints and it automatically fills the order (pixieset.com is the company). I did have one print order online and I had to register with the board of equalization to pay the sales tax.. so much work for $1.26 😉

Thanks for the compliments on Flickr.. Amatuer is awesome! I’ve booked enough clients so far this year to cover all my tuition so I took yours and Nes advice and up my prices.. not to what is recommended but significantly more than what I was originally charging. If this works out well.. then no need to ever change the price back.

I like the community here on YANAP and I appreciate the welcoming.