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Thank you for all your comments. Friends and family are great, but sometimes you need a complete stranger to tell you the truth. I have a few question i hope you all can help me understand. I by no means want to imply the “you wern’t there, you don’t know” attitude. Just asking what I should do next time if the same situation comes up.


EyeDoc: I understand what you mean with the shadows being cast from my flash. I don’t have a lot of ‘portable’ lighting equipment (non-wall plug in). Would you suggest i forgo the on flash if i am not able to setup any other lights?

Also, i assume no comment on any of the other means you don’t see anything wrong? No news is good news?


Worst Case: I understand about distance from the lens and perceived size. How would you suggest i get around that without having the model square up in front of the camera? P.S. that baby was in fact huge!


Clicker: Thank you for showing me your edit. You probably understand that bouncing 3 year old’s make it difficult to take a steady shots. That picture reflects my Photoshop skill level at the time, and I should probably find the original and try again. I am having trouble understanding what you mean by distortion due to the camera level. I understand keeping the horizon level and i do my best to fix that in PS. But as far as tilting up or down, I am not seeing what makes that a technical flaw. What part is being distorted? Could you clarify?