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Over all i think you are alright.


You have a hit and miss when it comes to composition. Sometimes it is fun to break rules but you have to be careful and know how to break rules well.


The Composition with this photo is a little bit off. The blank space on the left really doesn’t add anything to the photo, if anything it detracts from it. You have to ask yourself why there is such a space there.


The composition with this one is a lot better. Even though you had the same theme, her face leaning back gives that space on the left meaning.




If you want to get better at photography. You have to start asking yourself the reasons for why you are shooting like that. What is the point of this wall apart from showing off the bokeh?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/90014955@N02/8183988649/in/photostream The composition with this works quite a lot better. It’s not just a gimmick of showing your DOP but rather it adds depth to your photo


I see you trying to break the rules but rules are there for a reason. Rules are there because your eye has a natural grace and pattern to it. If you want to break this rule, if you want to break any rule in anything.  You must have a really good reason and execute it well.

Overall your technical skill has a bit of improvement to go. You have a couple of great photos! Just remember to have meaning in your composition and you’ll be sweet 🙂