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Many thanks for your comments, everyone! I should probably have mentioned that it’s just a hobby of mine, I don’t make money off my photos, so Google ranking is not my primary concern. And now that a terrible band has copied the name Subsignal, they will probably get out on top anyway … either way, I’ll ask the coder to make some SEO on the site, once I make a decision to keep it, and finish it.

I should also have mentioned that I do plan to make an info page and MAYBE also a thumbs overview. Although I must say, that I’m not crazy about the thumbspage idea, because too many people will just look at the thumbs, and not bother clicking any. The way it is now, it forces people to see the images I want them to see, and since it automatically loads the images from one end to the other, it’s very quick to swipe, rather than click and wait, click and wait. A bit stringent, but still …

I’m not sure why anyone would return to a certain photo? Maybe a small thumb could appear when mouse-over on the dots?

The site works really well on my ipad and phone … not sure why it didn’t work on yours? The only snag is that you have to load the site while the phone is horisontal, as the images gets cropped when loading.

I was thinking of having an info box that could open up from the side of the screen, with a little text about the shot.I will try to get the old site online as a reference, as I was quite happy with that for many years.

Thanks again!