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The gallery (it’s not a website) looks good on my 24″ 16×10 monitor. Your problem is with navigation. The swiping is fine but you are forcing me to swipe a lot to see the photos in the middle of the gallery. Or, I could click a button and get a random photo which later, I have to work at it to get back to. I know this layout is cleaner than using thumbs, but think of that photo that’s a gem of a gem that’s hidden in the middle of the pack that someone might not see because they swiped ten times and left or hit button after button (too tiny) and never hit that particular one. Everything has to be quickly and easily accessible. It’s about what looks good, true, but it’s more about what makes your photos quickly and easily seen by a customer. The photos are quite nice but think about how much it would pain you that someone is looking through the gallery quickly and won’t see that one (or more) that really sing.
I’m guessing that you’ll be using this “website” merely as a gallery and contact, pointed to by social media and the like. Because, as CC says, google will never find you. I don’t know if you want the world to find your site, but as a person who writes and maintains his own website, I can tell you that yes, google will likely never find you let along rank you on a page anyone will ever see. I don’t know if there is more to your website (I only see the gallery and mailto). I don’t know if you even care about google or customers finding your site directly without you sending them there.
In any case, image wise, it’s a nice gallery of some nice images for those of us with monitors (or tablets) big enough to appreciate it.