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I agree with the above.  I notice that you also removed some pictures of a woman that had some questionable lighting choices.  I can’t remember her name, but I remember her face.  She has a VERY interesting face.  She’s beautiful!  You need to photograph her more.  I hope she is someone readily available to you to practice with.

The biggest thing you need to work on is light.  Because it’s not that animal pictures and flower pictures are a bad thing to shoot, it’s just that magic wasn’t there.  The magic that the right light can give.  Think of light as the medium and not your camera.  Start here and work your way around to more lighting techniques and basics http://digital-photography-school.com/6-portrait-lighting-patterns-every-photographer-should-know/

Learn how to use the golden hours and how to manipulate and use light.  I think compositionally you’re ok and it seems you have the settings for good exposure and focus down.  I see potential.   There was one picture in particular that you have removed from the port.  The session with the beautiful and wonderfully interesting lady (and just so you know I’m not a creeper. I’m female and happily married lol), that looked to be shot when the sun was quite high.  The light was split, and if she had been directed/posed correctly using this given natural light, or if this session had been shot at a different time of day… WOW!  Seriously I hope she’s your sister or something so you have lot’s of time with her shooting.  I’d love to photograph her.