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Thanks for the feedback everyone and KarynLee, I’m glad to hear that that I have potential. Soaringturkeys, I took your advice and removed some of the pictures that are mediocre.
To address the $60 fee, to make sure I’m not devaluing the industry, I do warn people that I’m new, I have limited equipment, I work best in the daytime with natural lighting, and I tend to turn down people who wants to take pictures at night or places with low lighting (because I know my limitations). I also turn down weddings (even very small elopements) or events where I know if I don’t capture the moment correctly, I will be screwed (like surprise parties or surprise engagement proposals). And because of my full-time job, these are limited to only weekends. I keep in mind that a more experience photographer can handle all these elements. Majority of the night shots on my websites were TFP shoots and for the most part, I offer free photoshoots to friends and family to practice.
KarynLee, I agree that I have underexposure problems, I mostly see that when bring my shots into Lightroom. I have to work on that. As for the guy on the car, I didn’t do any airbrushing or softening. I just did adjustments in Lightroom. See screenshot here – http://www.janjanspage.com/images/lightroom_screenshot.jpg
I also know I need to improve on lighting and utilize my speedlights well, but here’s my dilemma…most of my shots are done on location. I live in Las Vegas and I get requests to shoot on The Strip or in Downtown Las Vegas. Because these locations have tourists and other people (especially pretty unruly people in Downtown), I really don’t want to take a whole lot of equipment with me. Also, I think some of these places require permits to set up photography equipment and lighting. Regardless if it’s an amateur or professional setting up equipment, they will see it as commercial shoots regardless. Do you have any tips on lighting when you’re only limited to just your camera, lens, and one speedlight attached to your camera?
Thanks for your time!