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Like the PP said, it really doesn’t matter how much you charge, and charging so little does devalue other professionals work. (Why pay someone who knows what they are doing when I can pay this person $60?)

That being said, I think you have a lot of potential. The guy on the car is good (but it looks like you airbrushed or softened, which is kind of a no-no with men!). You posing is creative, and I already am seeing you start to go out of the box with your posing. However, the edits on them are a little boring. You really need to focus on use of light, so play with those speed lights. Also, you’re a chronic under-exposer, so make sure you’re bringing that up. You’ll find that will help a lot of skin tones. Watch for blue people. And really work on nailing the photos. A lot have soft focus, and that could be from any number of things (to slow SS, to wide aperature).

Good luck!