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I have been mulling over the first responder response ALL day, it had me in tears and truly questioning my abilities and if I truly AM a fauxtog.  Than I thought to myself….fauxtogs don’t understand exposure,ISO,shutter speed…when to change them for the desired look or as the situation (light) changes….fauxtogs have harsh shadows on their subjects and waaaaaay over edit……I understand the basics of photography and took the time (even though it was 3 months but it was until 4am EVERY DAY) to learn these things BEFORE I ever picked up a camera.

The first responder said to stop charging immediately.  Im sorry but my time away from family is valuable, hours spent editing is valuable, monitor calibration (which I DO have…fauxtogs have never even heard of such a thing) is valuable and I am not nearly as expensive as those in my area and I respect the industry enough to not undercut the crap out of everyone and charge 50 bucks for 100 images on a CD….hell I don’t even offer CD’s lol, I give finished, printed images.


I also have no interest in shooting friends,family ect…that’s not my niche.  It’s newborns, birth and maternity….It’s what I love to do.  So I will continue to do what I love and shoot the subjects that are interesting and speak to me.


If being a fauxtog means you don’t have fancy gear and thousands of dollars worth of equipment, well than I guess I am one lol.  I shoot with a Nikon d5100 and a 35mm 1.8g lens…..I rock what I have.  I didn’t buy a fancy smancy camera up front because I didn’t want to waste accuations while I was still learning.  I will upgrading to a full frame camera and professional glass early next year.


I appreciate the responses and respect everyone’s opinion….but to the first responder, you really think im a fauxtographer because I’ve only been doing this 9 months and don’t have the education, clearly you can’t say that my images are along the same lines as what is posted on here every day?


My editing techniques are slowly coming along but I feel like my SOOC images are quite good

I will continue to bring joy to my clients and they believe in me.  I still have the same clients as I did 9 months ago, they have stuck with me and will continue to do so because they love what I do…regardless of what others think.

I may not be a professional, but to me, I am NOT a fauxtog