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And NO, I don’t agree the new photographer is working for peanuts, she is getting paid to learn.  I can take pictures of my kids and family all day every.  I actually did one photo shoot for a friend because she honestly could not afford a photographer for her daughter’s Sweet 15.  I tell you…. the session definitely did not live up to the pictures that she’s seen from me before of my kids.  There’s a difference between taking pictures of people you know and doing a professional photo session.  She needs to truly learn from experience.  She needs to be put in positions where she is on an assignment in a room with no fucking light!  She needs to really experience in order to truly learn and become a great photographer!   She needs to be IN BUSINESS to learn how to be IN BUSINESS.  I have seen many photographers go from mediocre to amazing while IN BUSINESS.  And they have been successful.  My own friend has been taking photos for 7 years and she started out just like the OP… just a month into photography and she was in business.  Now her photography compared to 7 years ago is great and she has went through a few price increases in that time.  I am no longer her client because of her prices, but she has many more now so I am certainly not a loss to her.