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“Sure there are other photographers out there with years of experience, who have been to workshops, who may be award-winning photographers and they take beyond stunning photos, but 99.9% of the time to book with a photographer like that it’s going to cost some serious $$$$.  As the OP said, she’s affordable… so yes I would choose her over the more experienced photographer.”

pricing isn’t based on skill level.  First you learn a profession, then you go into business.  Pricing is based on a formula of your expenses of being in business/overhead with a careful mix of demographics, all while making sure you are getting paid a decent salary/hourly wage for your time invested in doing business.

what you are asking her to do is, work for peanuts while she learns and gets her skills up to par before she charges enough to stay afloat.  The learning process takes a lot longer while shooting for others, than when you are a student and are allowing yourself time to learn.  Running a business is a very consuming task, And a very expensive one. Your advice sets her up for burnout and failure.  Did you know that most (if not all) togs that jump in too quickly, fail with in 2 to 4 years?  Look at the potential that would be lost?  She’s much better not taking on business right now and saving it for when she has a strong foundation to rely on, a time when she can shoot for hire and not go into debt doing it, by being able to price her photography appropriately.