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I think you may have a case of Beautiful subject matter = Great photography.

To me your shots look like anyone with an interest and a basic understanding of how a camera works could have taken them.  No, you would never find your photos here on YANAP, but that doesn’t mean your photographs are of pro quality.  Just nothing in your face wrong and funny, like those featured here.  Believe me you don’t want to compare your work with what is seen here.  Doing that will get you no where faster than fast.

I also don’t see much progression between your earlier shots and more current work.  This is most likely due to the fact that you are in business.  Taking on so much at once can stunt your learning process, and so can thinking “I’m already good enough”.

Fauxtog timeline

Go into business before learning

Have tons of fun taking pictures for people for money

Realization sets in: this is starting to become work.  Dont people realize how much work is involved with what I am doing?  So much time is spent away from my family.  I’m working really hard for these people.  I just researched and realized I’m not charging enough.  I’m only making less than minimum wage!!!  I have to raise my prices, or do something to make my time spent away worth somthing.

New prices bring a drop in business.  Your clients start going to a cheaper tog, and you have no argument against it because her work is the same quality as yours because you haven’t taken the time to improve your product.

Flounder about for a few

Outta business

(this all takes place within 2 to 4 years depending on how long it takes to realize that you are putting more money in than you are getting out)

How can you stop yourself from falling into the classic faux timeline of burnout and failure?

Listen to MBCs critique, and take the steps needed to improve.  I can see you have potential, and just lack understanding, and direction.  You can do this!  and you can do it well with just a little motivation and drive.  It’s important to build your foundation first and leave the decorating for last when building anything.  Good Luck!  I hope you go far, and this becomes the moment when your photography really takes off and becomes something wonderful for you.