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Thanks, EyeDoc-and no, no medical TIA. Maybe ICP…intracranial pressure after trying to find some of my “best” to present 🙂 I don’t have a photography page so I had to sort  through my laptop to hunt down my favs.

Yes, I’ve just recently started using an off-camera flash but am still a little intimidated by it indoors because I had grown so accustomed to just not using a flash and relying on natural light. I think only two of those show a flash being used. I DO still shoot in JPG…Last time I tried a RAW converter it flipped all my photos on their side so I decided to hold off on that and focus on learning my manual settings/ getting consistent sharpness first even if my lenses are a bit…um…cheap.

I would like to eventually accept payment for photography,(naturally since I’m the one with the decent camera in my circle) but am not devoted enough to the business end of it and really don’t plan to be for quite some time-I have other artistic endeavors that take up a lot of energy but have grown to love the art of taking a great photo in itself. So, I’ll take interesting as an up-note and work on color consistency. I tend to have a flair for rich, nearly over-saturated photos because in paintings that works.