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Wow, thanks everyone for the insight!

I am in the middle of learning all of the settings on my camera and how to switch them quickly to accommodate the shot so yes, while I try not to shoot everything in auto a lot of my stuff is all over the place as far as my settings are concerned. I tend to get snap happy and forget. So, this feedback is gold to me because I really have been struggling with the numbers.

I am paying more attention to the AF dots (and not leaving it on the center) but still struggling to get crisp shots.

My 50mm is really bad-I thought it was me just not knowing what I was doing but I’ve used it in manual mode and even with trying to focus it by hand it is really stiff at one spot so I imagine that does not help with auto-I keep falling back on my kit lens because of it. Apparently that lens (the plastic canon model) has an issue with that. I also have a 70-300 sigma that I shy away from for portraits because I’ve found it likes tri-pods. I have a tri-pod, but for kids I like some mobility.  I can’t justify buying a better lens right now unless I know how to use my camera inside and out with my cheap lenses. I figure it’s 40%lens/60% user error until I get more knowledgeable.I’ll go back to it and play around a bit more. Fortunately I have lots of friends with nothing but smartphone pics of them so they aren’t quite as picky when I use them for practice.

The bridge I was just more focused on the lines and not the whole picture-I thought it looked a little blue but since it was just shot real quick while walking I didn’t pay enough attention! *noted*


And emf-I cannot believe I have never noticed the shirt tag! Yes, she has the nursery set up in a nautical theme so that was the point of the wave (aside from giving me an excuse to try painting on her belly) I noticed the cell phone when I posted it here and cringed because I actually did a lot of work to remove a pile of papers, dirty lamp and remote control from the blue area in the upper right corner! Sheesh. I try to limit my post-editing because I feel that defeats the purpose of learning the camera and don’t want to rely on it. Same with the pipe coming out of Xavier’s head-never ever noticed that. (it was actually 5:30 pm during fall hours-not sure why it said a.m because no.)But, that’s why I’m here-I need people with the right knowledge to pick this stuff apart for me.